Thursday, 19 April 2018

Toaster Sweater 1 - Powder Blue

This rose-embossed scuba fabric was from Fabric Land and the bouncey thickness is ideal for a sporty toaster. I've lost 1 kg this month since the Toaster 2, I'm hoping to get back into fitness now the sunshine is picking up and sewing more fitted clothes. 
My hot pink size Medium is slightly smaller as I've washed it a lot. 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sstutter Jewellery - Made in UK

I first discovered lasercut handmade jewellery in 2013 but only came across Sttutter on instagram recently when I started instagramming properly!  I love how handmade jewellery complements handmade clothing, even better if it has animals! It adds a fun accent to otherwise plain clothes.  Sstutter had a one off storewide sale for their Mystiks collection but I went for the owls. The pieces range from dainty to statement, pastels to urban, so there is something for everyone. I think the owls are distinctive but still conservative, especially in subtle colours, you can wear them for formal daytime just fine. I knew they would go with my recent 70s style sewing! 
The detail is gorgeous even down to the structure/movement and the quality boxes - I always keep my jewellery boxed with gel-sachets.  Stag: Marble. Owls: Marble; Aqua Kingdom - I chose this one because it is my favourite colour, calming , fresh and bright. Quick snaps at the water fountain near Buckingham Palace - aqua and kingdom!
Against spring flowers.
My first choice was the Marble brown/cream, also the colourway of the stag. I'll take some snaps of him next time I visit the deer parks in Richmond. Really pleased to discover a new brand!
 St James Park. Have you ever seen so many coots?
She feels like Tippi Hedren.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Toaster Sweater 1 with Tello Jacket

I made this The Toaster Sweaters Sweater 1 in hot pink french terry last November but hadn't taken a photo as it is really simple - but I wore it a lot especially on snow days, the fabric has good recovery and looks just as fresh as I don't use the dryer for knits or handmades. I am interested to make a stripey Toaster sweater but I already have a powder-blue cut out and don't need any more sweaters now that it is spring. The zigzag topstitching on the Toaster 1 makes it feel like a strong quality garment.
 Necklace is the Tatty Devine puppy pendant I picked up £10 off in the mid season sale. It's so cute, I wish I'd gone for the brooch too, some designs are OTT but these are just the right size.
Orla Kierly flask 750ml in orange 70s print - I am trying to drink more water and I detest having to buy plastic bottled water, it is probably best to store water in metal rather than plastic too. It's ideal for daytrips and dog walking as it has a special stopper, which means less chance of leakage than with sports bottles. I also ordered re-usable bamboo straws to be more ecofriendly.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Hvar Jacket & Banksia Blouse

My Easter Outfit! Lined Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket & Megan Nielsen Banksia Blouse. Tatty Devine Storm Cloud pendant and earrings, Little Pig welly boot brooch.
I made the short sleeves and the collar. I was after a loose fitting blouse that is easy to construct, and more formal than the Dove blouse pattern I previously tried in the summer. I think this top would be smart with the collar and without the placket too. I need either a collar or buttons as I like detail on my clothes, plain woven tops are just not me! I chose cream-shade faux horn buttons x 5 and sewed the square into the bottom of the placket as suggested. The cotton lawn was from Textiles Centre and I liked the ditsy print - it reminds me of Japanese origami paper! I'll try the longer short sleeve next time but I was worried it would look like sleepwear - exaggerated collar and sleeves.
 My friend picked the daffodils for my brooch! 1970s wallpaper pendant (Kimchi and Coconut subscription box).
Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket - I wear an oversized grey/beige tweed blazer to work sometimes, it's chic and goes with all my clothes. I planned to make my own and purchased a prince of wales tweed suiting which was too heavy for a Hvar jacket. When perusing a secondhand-new fabric sale I came across tweed suiting 6 metres for £16 (I used half) and brightly coloured viscose woven which was listed as jersey originally. I normally use a same-colour non static poly lining but viscose is really soft and breathable.  Buttons were 30p/each from my local fabric shop. I used these decoratively on the collar, collar hem and sleeve hem. I hadn't planned on using buttons but it seems right for this fabric. This jacket only cost me £15 to make and it can be dressed up or down. I'm plan to sew an authentic 1973 jacket pattern up from the rest of the suiting.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Pauline Alice Tello Jacket

Inky navy and white denim/twill from a bikeride to Ikea, this is the Stockholm 2017 Paint Squares  and I also picked up the Stockholm 2017 Paint Lines which reminded me of the ocean or a rainstorm. They were just £6/m and this jacket used 2 metres. I used cloudy grey buttons, which are more smokey in the centre. Pauline Alice Tello Jacket 8 EUR- I wanted to sew up an existing jacket pattern as I donated some rtw jackets. I ordered this utility jacket last spring, it's just perfect with its practicality and interesting detail. Pauline Alice patterns are so pretty and this jacket will work in different medium weight wovens.  The curved hem and double topstitched collar are interesting. It also has a pleat at the elbow, which I haven't seen in a pattern before. I'd like to sew this jacket again in a beige courdroy or tan garbardine.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Sew Over It Susie Blouse

I used my 2018 PDF Club voucher on the Susie Blouse as I love pretty much any pattern with a pretty collar.
 Oxford University Parks.
Pear necklace is Tatty Devine - I was lucky to buy the bracelet second hand for a matching set.
Fabric is  navy/lemon/raspberry dressmaking cotton I picked up on Goldhawk Road (plus gingham/plaid and a rose-print cotton lawn). The dressmaking cotton was £10 for a remnant approx 2-3 metres, I interfaced both sides of the collar as I used light interfacing. 
I love this blouse and would sew this pattern again. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater 2

The Toaster Sweaters
I bought the Toaster sweater bundle in 2016 planning to copy that grey mottled version. I think this top looks best in natural cotton jersey or sweatshirting. My fabric is chocolate brown fleece lined french terry, of which I ordered 3 metres at the and squeezed two jumpers from it. The lipstick is a chocolate bown nude Matte Me (Barry M) 'So Chic', which is crueltyfree.  I plan to try the other neutral or pink colours too, I usually wear a raspberry pink shade.  I was pleased to take the photos in the pretty snow backdrop (despite the fact it is March, and global warming is devastating for the planet). I wear the Toaster Sweater 1 a lot so should get photos of that too.
At first I hated the look of mitred corners on me because the square shaped fabric sits like a tent, but they are cute and of course comfortable for movement. It's boxy but quite fitted on the sleeves, the sides have metred corners which are easy and neat to sew. Be sure to mark your back piece as you can't distinguish easily which is front or back from the neckline, and when sewn up the front neckline looks tall because of that high collar.
 The whale pendant is by Martin Tomsky (etsy) who creates both wall art and wearable art. I chose to wear this piece as it's bright and colourful for an otherwise plain, dark outfit.
I  had noticed Erstwilder for a while but then I discovered UK boutiques sell them online, and there's even a little shop nearby in Abingdon for a weekend walk by the river. I liked the orangeade shimmer in the owl and the 70s 'fabric'.