Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Itch to Stitch Visby Top in London

The Itch to Stitch Visby pattern is on sale today! The Visby Pattern also has an option for a hoody, henley top, or a plain raglan tshirt In a single colour or print the raglan tshirt can look smart and dressy. I wore my Visby butterfly top with eyelet trousers and Victorian style ankleboots. These photos are at London Southbank, off Embankment. I knew when I was sewing this it would be one I'd reach for one a grey morning where I don't fancy ironing a button up blouse.
The necklace is Kimchi and Coconut. I seem to be going with a Natural History theme with this look, chameleon and butterflies!
I also made the Henley tshirt View A in plain cotton jersey, which is breathable and authentic for baseball tshirts. I used remnants which were not large enough for a full project. The Visby Top is an ideal pattern to add an understated splash of print or colour to the front panel or contrasts, or to utilise an otherwise expensive or cherished jersey for the front panel as you don't need to buy/use a lot of it! In my case, it was cut fabric for projects that I changed my mind on. In contrast, this pattern is quick to sew up and a reliable fit. It's a versatile pattern with sleeve cuffs and an optional bottom band.
The back of my Henley is the same colour as a the wall directly behind! I was planning on using the marble cream cotton but discovered a drag line running down the back piece I had cut. It looks good either way - contrast on sleeves only, or back and sleeves. The Itch to Stitch Visby pattern is currently 20% off on special release!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Megan Nielsen Banksia Blouse

Megan Nielssen Patterns - Banksia
I made the short sleeves and the collar. I was after a loose fitting blouse that is easy to construct, and more formal than the Dove blouse pattern I previously tried in the summer. I think this top would be smart with the collar and without the placket too. I need either a collar or buttons as I like detail on my clothes, plain woven tops are just not me! I chose cream-shade faux horn buttons x 5 and sewed the square into the bottom of the placket as suggested. The cotton lawn was from Textiles Centre and I liked the ditsy print - it reminds me of Japanese origami paper!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hepburn Turtleneck - Bournemouth

Hepburn Turtleneck Itch to Stitch Pattern I first sewed two years ago! I made this to replace my old stripy Hepburn as I wanted a 70s (or 90s?) look top to go with my Hvar jacket - and then I realised it would layer with the Bellavista sweater. I wasn't expecting on taking any photos of this top, instead I intended to show my stripe Uvita top but it was raining on the other days.
This stripy top was great for the beach as it keeps the wind off and it's easy to layer. The fabric is lines of pink, beige, black and white. It was a thin ribbed sweater knit from Fabric Land for £3.99. I think this top took just over £4 to make! Necklace is the pearlescent moon by Tatty Devine
Fallon's coat. I added an iron on patch - Gizmo from Gremlins. I sewed on the black outline for durability.
 Earrings I put together on the train to Bournemouth.

Bellavista Sweatshirt & Lulworth Cove

Itch to Stitch Bellavista Top PDF Sewing Pattern  - Round Neck version with 3/4 Bell Sleeves. I started this pattern off with the sweatshirt in fleece backed French terry. I loved the tester version in plain navy so I instantly saw a sweatshirt. Fabric is from Textiles Centre, a mottled/melange chocolate brown sweatshirt lined in fleece. It's warm and the relaxed fit is cosy. I topstitched the neckline of the sweatshirt with a zigzag and sewed the hems with a zigzag.
Brightly coloured huts and the only stretch of sunlight!
Heavy rain - photos in the sheltered Bournemouth Gardens, it was too windy to walk on the beach on the third day because of the flying sand!
Hike - Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove. It was my friend's birthday so we took a daytrip from our Bournemouth walking holiday. I would rather go abroad and have some sunshine or shelter from the rain personally!  I suggested Corsica!  The train from Bournemouth to Wool was £8.80 and then the taxi was £30 return, which is more expensive than going there from Reading when the buses are running.
Ludlow Cove rocky beach.
Durdle Door.
I would like to visit this walk again in the summer. The mist and fog made it impossible to see to the valley!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket & Seville Skirt

Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket with the Seville Skirt. The skirt only takes on evening to sew up as there are no darts. This skirt looks very smart in birds eye suiting with a lining, whereas bengaline, denim and stretch cotton create a chic look that is very quick to put together.

The Hvar jacket is a clever alternative for blazers and you can put these jackets in the washing machine (subject to fabric choice) as there is no interfacing or padding. The construction was very easy, the most difficult part for a beginner I think would be the set in sleeves, and perhaps the topstitching if your fabric is thick. It was super windy and this jacket doesn't have closures. I wore this jacket under a tweed coat with the collar popped up like a scarf. It folds/sits how it wants to!
It was a four hour walk from Kidlington to Lower Heyford (Oxfordshire) and it stayed sunny for the whole duration so we were able to take photos of my handmade outfit despite the wind and cold! We arrived at a train station hoping to return that way to Oxford but that route was closed for Sundays until May, so a kind lady offered us a lift back to Kidlington!
I felt comfortable in this outfit despite it being 'dressy' for outdoors walking. I think the Vientiane Skirt would also pair well with the jacket because of the flounce.
I used faux suede from Weaver Dee (£6/m) in camel beige.I have a suede-like neoprene fabric to try next with this pattern which is heavier - it will look wonderful made up! It's a great value pattern as it can be made with various fabrics that fall nicely.