Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sonning Lock Berkshire

 Sonning bridge.
The Great House, off Sonning Bridge. They allow dogs! Fallon insisted on sitting or curling up in a ball on my lap.
Hurraw lipbalm - I love the Almond Rose & Cardamon (Vata) one! I like to give these as tiny gifts! Natural ingredients. Kapha - grapefruit, ginger, eucalyptus; Pitta - coconut, mint, lemongrass.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

1940s S3688 Blouse

Simplicity 3688 - I cut the 1940s blouse from recycled fabric (skirt and lining from an unworn Eucalyptus dress) by using a pattern that had a panel at the top, and I drafted a panel for the back to account for the shorter length of fabric. I cut sleeves but decided a sleeveless would be more sensible in this sudden heat wave so I pressed some bias binding.  I also altered the neckline 7mm lower.

The top has two gathered parts under the contrast and 4 front pleats, which aren't very visible with the print. I sewed the back hem longer than the pattern by cutting to the end of the curved dip ofthe original skirt hem. All pieces are cut symmetrical to the original seams. I french seamed the pale green which is a thin batiste cotton and the sides are french seamed. The contrast is french seam and topstitched.
The following blouse was the bodice of the dress. I needed some light basics for my new job so I refashioned the skirt to a peplum, removed the carriers on the top and the skirt lining, then sewed a narrow double folded hem. I still have the sleeves cut from this fabric to make another top with floral panels. The 1940s pattern must have been used for refashioning during the make do and mend wartime era, I'm glad we can recover  unworn textiles using patterns.