Sunday, 10 June 2018

V Neck! Nottingham Tshirt

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - I planned right away to make a V neck Nottingham as the drape and lower neck is perfect for hotter summer days and I like the way the point of the knot balances with the neckline. To do this, I cut out a V neck band from another pattern I've sewn before and traced the front piece onto my Nottingham front piece - matching the top of the shoulders. I sewed a size 6 grading to 4 waist and 8 hip.
I was undecided about keeping this fabric as the softness and colour reminded me of nude underwear (it is a warmer beige than the photos show). I decided to save it from my charityshop cull because it had the 75/100% stretch requirement. It turned out to be one of those 'blah' fabrics that sew up a dream! The beige/cream neutral creates a natural breathable tshirt. 
I'm going to sew a different wrap top next (Itch to Stitch Brasov Wrap Top) as I need to get through my pattern stash! I made some bunting! These are acrylic hearts and stars I ordered from a laser cutter and made into necklaces. Bright red and neon orange hearts on gold chain:-
 White, ivory, silver mirror and matte black stars on gold chain. I could have placed them on silver chain but I liked the warm colour with the buttermint (more pleasant word than ivory!) stars.
 Longer length and short/standard length.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Richmond Riverside

The spaniel and I took a little day trip to Richmond deer park after going to London through the city, caught the last of the sunshine by the river:-
  Determined dog!
Dogs insist on drinking from the river even though they have a bowl of water to hand.
 Terrace Garden towards Richmond Hill from the riverside.
We visited Tatty Devine in Leicester Square (it is easier to get to 7 Dials via Leicester Square rather than Covent Garden as you can avoid the steps!). I picked up the last Stonehenge earrings in Tatty Devine! *I added one to a Tatty Devine chain as the pendant was sold out:-

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Miss J Designs 2! Pierrot

Miss J Designs had a storewide sale and I was delighted to pick up the Pierrot earrings and brooch. I should get hold of some black and white harlequin check fabric!
Mary Poppins umbrella pendant I loved wearing the brooch as it's not your traditional jacket pin, brooches can look frumpy or cluttered on, I think the limited colours and sharp finish keep it youthful and stylish. Matte gold statement heart - Miss J Designs kindly made me one too on commission, it will go with everything and good is a great summer tone that brightens up my staple navy-blue. Sharapova pendant - This one I went for as the clean monochrome look takes an outfit up a notch. I also loved the textiles theme, I can show my passion for sewing clothing and whilst scissor pendants are plentiful on etsy, this design packs a punch. 
Mime brooch. I have the necklace, which looks great with a white shirt or tshirt, I knew the brooch would look confident and awesome with my workshirts.
Barn Owl - 1970s style. I avoid animal jewellery but I have a thing for owls (and deer/stags it seems, and a couple of tatty devine dogs!..) Green mirror, wood, acrylic. The detail on these is thoughtful, there is is etching on the owl's groovy fringe and his eyes!  I'm really looking forward to the Art Deco release! 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Hinksey with Sarah

I purchased this Sstutter stag Marble in April and here it is on an oufit already! I wanted a statement or long pendant to balance out the crew neck on my Itch to Stitch Nottingham - I wore it on the extension chain. That's a useful feature! These pendants are smart for work and unisex, I'm tempted to purchase a new summer colourway with my latest paypal funds. We took the photos by Hinksey lake in Oxford, it is both green and industrial here - overlooking the railway. There are some great backgrounds in Oxfordshire.
Photos of Sarah! It was fun taking portrait photos despite the lack of sunshine in the morning because she has tonnes of personality to make up for it! New camera is Nikon D3500.

Nottingham Tshirt - In Oxford!

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - The new pattern for May. I sewed this version during pattern testing and wore it on my bank holiday Monday to meet a friend. I needed some 'out and about / movement' photos and this friend was super sweet and took lots of snaps of my outfit, no "OK, you get one photo"! I made my bracelet using gunmetal chain and fimo beads. I also made one in blue.
Worn with the Tatty Devine Snowy Owl. I've lusted after the Tatty owls for a while and scooped up this statement snow owl on a 20% off sale.
 I adore the hippy free spirit of this top so much. I am considering sewing up other patterns with the sleeves as they highlight your elegant lower arms in a pretty way. The sleeves are joined at the top seam and the notches only - this rotated sleeve was a new technique to me. I doubt I will ever sew the plain sleeves with it as the flutter sleeves are awesome! The origami style knot was new to me too. The fabric gathers at a soft pool on the inner hip, no awkward front bump or unraveling of ties or knots pulled too tight. The twist is wrapped before sewing the side seams. The instructions were very helpful to suggest which sides to overlock/zigzag as this marked which to stitch together first, it was made even easier by choosing a fabric that is distinguishable from the right and wrong side (my fabric is white underneath). It looks fancy but it's simply wrap-over-wrap-under.  In addition to the sleeve template, you could trace the knot front hem onto add to any existing jersey tops to turn the style up a  notch. I sewed size 6 shoulder/bust, graded in at the waist and out at the hip. If you don't like a high neckline, balance it out with a long pendant or draft in a v neck or slash boatneck. The modest neckline with the sleeves reminded me of 1930s/1940s blouses.Fabric is Viscose Lycra from John Lewis (Spendlove Peacocks in blue, £12/metre). This print is slightly darker than my previous peacock print tshirt, I had to change thread colour.  Photos of the Nottingham Tshirt with a long pendant here.

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - A useful staple with gorgeous features!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Tatty Devine Sample Sale 2018

This year's sample sale was in Shoreditch. I didn't spend much money but I love everything I did buy, which I am conscientious of! I picked up and put down many amazing handmade pieces, some likely one offs, I regret not buying a statement piece and some jewellery with silver chain but I'm grateful (and also it gives others the chance to choose their favourites!). 
I bought two of the berry pendants as I can use the other one for earrings. Simple and elegant. As you can see I was feeling nature inspired!
 The dragon fly earrings are like a mock ivory, very pretty and will coordinate well. The bracelet is my favourite piece as I love the tortoishell chain, these are light to wear and don't tarnish. Tatty Devine is a great business run by women, it's one of the few brands I do wear. I have been selling off my jewellery collection over the weekends and replacing with careful pieces that are handmade and complement my clothes best.