Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Aveiro Longline Cardigan

I wanted to redo my other button-up cardigan as I hate stripes (it was a muslin) and it was too small on the hip. Again this is 3/4 sleeves with cuffs. I love the V neck button up style and whilst I was making it I could see all my existing jersey fabrics sewn up in it. I used dark coloured wood buttons and a gorgeous bright cerise and blues cotton jersey
I'm tempted to make the regular length Aveiro in the remainder of this fabric and use light coloured wood buttons for a different look. I don't have any other patterns that I love as much. This cardigan is one of my favourite garments I've made this year. I've had a lot of misses when it comes to jersey sewing patterns but the Aveiro always turns out looking pretty and elegant. I ordered a Jamie cardigan pattern by French company Ready to Sew, which also has buttons and it's a little bit fancy.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Almy Cotton Lawn Blouse

Almy Woven Blouse - I purchased this one because it uses a minimal amount of fabric, it has buttons going down the front and it has an interesting collar. It was quick to sew, but the sewing instructions are minimal and there are no photos of the back view anywhere. For this reason, I would only sew very easy patterns from Style Arc. The next version will sew up faster and I would like to use a silky fabric next time. This is cotton lawn I have had for four years! I kept it because of the delightful ditsy print but didn't want to wear red, but I am growing less timid of the colour now. I used orangey/russet wood buttons. It's a dark charcoal grey background, and looks really nice paired with my usual navy, beige or olive neutrals. It works perfectly for Autumn. I was in a mad rush to catch the evening sunlight for these two garments so there are creases!
I ordered the Style Arc flounce skirt and I think it will look fabulous with this blouse tucked in.

Cream Pink Roses Blouse

Thread Theory Camas Blouse is a loose fitting V neck blouse with placket. I had to sew the sleeves at 1cm seam allowance instead of 1.5cm though, as is advised with stretch wovens. I find it unusual that the bodice is relaxed fit (I sewed the shirt one size smaller than my bust measurement) but the sleeves are close fitting. It's low cut so should be worn with a vest underneath. There are front yokes which are interfaced. I don't like contrast fabrics so I just made it in one colour., you can't leave the yokes off as the top is gathered I feel like the instructions should say to stop the gathering up to at least 1.5 cm from the edge as this is the seam allowance. Also, on my first version I got confused by  the illustration of the placket and ended up sewing the wrong side to the blouse, it seems from other reviews I was not the only one. This time I just followed the logic - the point goes outwards, whereas I had first sewed it like a facing.  Rather than lining the yokes I just sewed these as one layer, my fabric is like a stretch georgette and I didn't want the print to show through the correct side.
I dislike that the placket seam allowances are 1.5cm as that is 3cm you have to take off the placket and it seems a waste of fabric for such a thin placket. The shape is a perfect copy of a navy polkadot work shirt I needed to replace (three years old) but I wouldn't sew the Camas again because of the above issues. The finished blouse is beautiful and very much my style. I love the fuschia pink rose and yellow pansies print on the ivory background. I used 10mm clear/cream buttons. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Style Arc Sacha Shirt

Made from white and blue Floral Polycotton Fabric. I was originally going to make a Tea House Dress (kimono style) for the beach with this fabric, but as the weather is cold now I chose to make a shirt instead. This shirt than can also be worn open with a camisole underneath. I chose to use Style Arc - Sacha Shirt. There are no illustrations for the split cuffs, which I have never sewn before, but they are very easy. There are no buttonhole guides so I used an expandable sewing gauge. Full review to follow on Minerva Blog.
I purchased this pattern last September as I wanted a pattern with a separate collar stand, it looks really smart. I still have to sew up the Maude tunic. I have purchased other SA patterns in previous years that no longer fit my style, but this shirt is appropriate for what I like to wear: pretty and practical, I think it was the winter scarf and web of  random beads styling that put me off sewing it for almost a year! There isn't the gallery of other people's sewing projects which makes new releases feel more inspiring. this one wasn't even photographed on a hanger. I'm pleased this fabric review made me search through my existing blouse patterns .

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Bonn Dress Robin Print

I made the Bonn Dress by Itch to Stitch from robin print natural cotton calico and I' wish I'd made one earlier, it was quick to sew up and it's easier than making separates and having to match. I will definitely make a Bonn dress again, my first shirt was made three years ago! I'd also like to sew a dress version of the Beausoleil by Itch to Stitch in a flowing crepe fabric. Minerva fabric review coming soon.
Blackberry Bramble, current season Tatty Devine. Earrings are Orange Blossoms, Wolf & Moon.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Melrose Dress - Winchester

Itch to Stitch Melrose Peplum Top or Dress! As soon as this polkadot crepe viscose from Pound Fabrics.arrived I thought 'Pretty Woman' and when the Melrose Dress was offered for testing in April I immediately knew to sew it up. I think it has a very classic timeless shape that looks amazing in crepe and other opaque lightweight fabrics. It was the perfect dress to wear to Winchester and whilst we were there W kindly bought me a couple of adorable straw hats! We went up St Catherine's Hill to gaze the landscape, admire the wildflowers and wild fowl (and little Fall)!
I think it's the first collection I've spent full price on since last Autumn! Golden Hour by Tatty Devine: Toadstool brooch and Doormouse pendant, very sweet. I thought the toadstool would suit the polkadot.
My little cocker spaniel Berkshire country bumpkin.
My golden pond skater and the autumnal blackberries on the landscape.
 Happy girl in a field lit up by heather, most shades of purple refer to flower names. We loved this romantic and peaceful day out!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Suki Kimono Dressing Gown

Helen's Closet Suki Kimono - This smooth watercolour gardenia on pale pink fabric seemed too synthetic for clothing but it is perfect as a satin alternative for a dressing gown. I'd be tempted to sew the pivoted neck front and the sleeve cuffs in a satin contrast for a different version. The long length robe uses 3 metres of fabric and I purchased 4, it's a fantastic patten for using up those stray bundles of fabric. I think I have enough fabric for matching a camisole set or nightie.
There are little ties inside the robe for extra closure, and ties from the back complete with side loops. It's a beautiful project to sew up as it's more complex than just an ordinary dressing gown with front band. I will certainly sew up some more of my fabrics using this pattern. A broderie anglaise version would be very pretty I also like that the sleeves are fairly cropped and there are two length options, long length robes are glamorous to wear. 

Aveiro Longline Cardigan

I wanted to redo my other button-up cardigan as I hate stripes (it was a muslin) and it was too small on the hip. Again this is 3/4 sleeves...