Sunday, 5 August 2018

Wytham Woods Nature Reserve

1000 acres maintained by the University since 1942. 3.4 miles bike ride from Oxford Rail station, cycling down Port Meadow to the car park entrance, where we left our bikes. We saw a deer, dragon flies and different butterflies - there are around 800 species of moths and butterflies at this reserve.
Miss J Designs Mirror Varvara Necklace and the Art Deco Tulip earrings, which are beautifully crafted. My friend cut my hair when we were in a meadow, it has been an extra warm summer and also I want to switch to my natural hair colour. 
 Protected forest areas.
Hillside views. There was a lot of wild heather and sheep! It's a lovely walking site for people who are respectful of wildlife (walking permit, no dogs or bikes allowed). I absolutely adore woodland animals and peaceful landscapes, it was worth the visit.

Winchester - ITS Vienna Top

Vienna Tank PDF Sewing Pattern - Itch to Stitch in strawberry print, sewn April 2017. I wore the Victorian inspired wreath pendant I purchased in the V&A Gallery on my last London trip. Barbara Rothstein inspired by Owen Jones The Grammar of Ornament 1856, 24k gold plated brass.
Water Meadow walk. The water is so clear, it reminded me of John Millais Ophelia.
Wolesley medieval castle.
St Giles Viewpoint
I wore my Itch to Stitch Nottingham with Tatty Devine mayflower earrings and SStutter Demi Fox in Snow Grey. The high neckline on this top was a bit too warm but the sleeves are very comfortable in the heat.
Hilltop view from St Catherine's Hill. The landscapes of the South Downs are just gorgeous.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Gingham Banksia Blouse

Megan Nielsen Banksia Blouse. I bought the Banksia Top on its revision release. I really like the distinctive collar and vintage 60s look of the half sleeves with an authentic cotton or cotton mix fabric. I altered the collar to meet in the middle by adding (Approx. 1.5cm to each side from 2.5cm away from the centre collar - the reference was within a collar tutorial I believe). I found it more accurate to cut the collar on the fold for better symmetry. Instead of using lightweight interfacing for the collar I used a medium-heavy as I like a proper shirt collar to avoid it blowing in the wind! I cut a size M this time grading to S at the waist, I found the 36-Small tight at the bust/underarm. Very pleased with this version!
 I wore it with the Tatty Devine (sale) beachcomber charm necklace.
33rd Birthday!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Hawaiian Willamette Outdoors!

Hey June Willammette shirt I sewed last year in July. I made the cropped version in cotton twill rainforest print with two faux horn buttons. The menswear inspired styles really suit me for some reason. I have similar sewing patterns but I haven't sewn them up yet as I do prefer to wear cotton  and I wondered if the exagerated boxy style would work for those.  The sturdy fabric is perfect for this cropped length. I will have to look out for a light polyester to sew those up. Summer evening light with a breeze is the best for photos! I changed into this shirt after work for dogwalking with my friend, it's fun, cool and I love the sleeve cuffs, plain front fold, and collar - clean lines. Aside from the back yoke it's very easy to make too. I remembered to take a back view of this top to show the inverted pleat and back yoke.
Pendant is the Beagle for Battersea Dogs by Tatty Devine, from a London trip.
Tatty Devine sale fawn, purchased from Tatty Devine in London. 60s Bouquet. 

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Crystal Cove Camisole

Bright blue and white gingham! This is one of the new patterns from Itch to Stitch and I didn't apply for testing as I wasn't sure if spaghetti straps would suit me, I ended up sewing these straps as 1cm rather than 6mm, the hesitation is there. I've been telling the friend who snaps most of my photos that I need to make a vest to enjoy the hot weather.
I will make this top again in a more fluid fabric like crepe de chine or cotton lawn. How adorable would the Crystal Cove look with matching shorts as a night set too?
I sewed 6C - 4 waist - 8 hip, but I might just sew 6 to 8 hip next time so there is less of slope (or curve the slope out then inwards).
60s bouquet pendant and fauve bracelet from the Tatty Devine summer sale.
 Photos in Reading*  Tatty Devine statement orange blossom purchased in the sale. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Plitvice Tshirt - Itch to Stitch

Plitvice - Itch to Stitch - Lightweight viscose jersey fabric with 75% stretch and a suitable drape.
My favourite feature of this top is of course the light gathering which forms a delicate feminine drape. The sleeve cuffs and bottom band also look very polished, the sleeve bands are marked with the front and back notches - Itch to Stitch patterns pay attention to fine detail and fit on real bodies.
I also enjoyed wearing this vibrant raspberry pink shade, especially in the summer. Wearing it with my Onyx owl from Sstutter, I kept the busy peacock feather print simple with a raspberry and cream colour palette. 
Also styled it with a pink-blue-white bunting necklace by Tatty Devine. All of the photos came out well in this gorgeous sunshine. Background is a walk from Oxford to Kings Lock via Port Meadow.
I love this top as it is both glamorous and bohemian. You can sew up a nicely fitted top with the comfort of a tshirt in one morning or afternoon. Plitvice - Itch to Stitch  

Wytham Woods Nature Reserve

1000 acres maintained by the University since 1942. 3.4 miles bike ride from Oxford Rail station, cycling down Port Meadow to the car park ...