Tuesday, 1 December 2015

S1590 1940s Blouse Batik

1940s shirt from Simplicity 1590 pattern & quilting cotton I purchased in Henley. (*Outfit photos, March)
 Victorian bridge in central Reading (1839). It looked like a painting inside.

Collarless blazer Linea, House of Fraser.  Diamante necklace Alan Hannah (sale)  Jon Richard tennis bracelet (sale).

The blouse was too big choosing the size at the bust measurement so I took in the darts and sides to fit and rejoined at the peplum.  I used buttons in a wood-marbled colour that I found in a £2.50 multipack beige/brown. Folded at back collar. Coffee coloured batik leaf print cotton (£7-8/m, Henley) x 1.5m. I decided on copper taffeta for the facings with self fabric for the curved part which attaches to the necklike and fusible interfacing for the rest (which wasn't so fusible on taffeta).

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Eucalyptus Dress

Eucalyptus (UK brand) Georgia dress. 
I love everything abut this dress, especially the low hemline. It feels 40's vintage but not in a pastiche way. It has military features but looks ultra feminine and almost fairy-like.
Eucalyptus dresses: Rock my Vintage / Weekend Doll.  
Totally posing for my photos.

Had to snap photos with the hay bails still out.

Monday, 3 August 2015

30th Birthday & Beach Lizard!

Didn't go swimming this time just enjoyed the walk. Saw a wall lizard! Common in the south of england, looks similar and found on a  wall amongst rocks. I didn't have my camera on me until he was on the pavement from afar...

Friend. I take good photos!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

1972! Seersucker Gingham Shirt

Shirt made from unwanted trousers (my mum's), I had to cut the back in two panels.I cut the size 34 Simplicity 5022 1972 blouse pattern but cut the seams slimmer and folded over the front instead of cutting interfacing. I didn't have enough fabric for a collar. I sewed on 11 buttons using interfacing wrapped over the panel then torn off after sewing, this is because the fabric is raised so won't move for the one-step button hole. Flat felled shoulder seams.
Worn on a bikeride past cornfields to Mapledurham House
 Blood orange marmalade, Mapledurham watermill

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bournemouth Beach!

I thought I'd share my first visit of this cool beach! I wanted somewhere surrounded with organic nature rather than chip-vans (puke) and I found it. 
Hippy chic!
Cheers! Old Rosie cider.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Bicycle Shirt Made in England!

It's been a year since I purchased fashion on the highstreet. I've wanted this shirt since I saw it last month with Sarah and I thought I'd give myself some good karma with all the refashions I've completed! I love it! The staff are adorable too.  This is a box shirt so no sleeves and with a relaxed fit, but the XS looked best on me as I didn't want to show too much armpit! I also preferred this shirt which has yellow bikes and a fine yellow pinstripe to the white version.
The shirt was £39.99 from Fresh in Oxford. It is made in England.
Cakes in covered market / Carfax Tower.