Sunday, 23 July 2017

Pauline Alice Rosari Skirt & Willamette Shirt

This skirt was released in 2015 so I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before?!  I love garments with buttons as they look so special and hand-tailored (admittedly I use a zigzag stitch to attach mine). I adore the denim coin-pocket skirt and I would love a white denim or twill version. Fabric is a navy and white bengaline from Textiles Centre. I also made trousers.
I used golden/charcoal tortoiseshell buttons. Understitched the button facings and waistband so it was crisp to press and topstitch. I would say the waistband comes up 1 inch smaller than the garment measurement listed. I left off the belt loops.

Hey June Willamette Shirt. I purchased this pattern on its release and I love the modern androgynous look of these loose shirts and they're so trendy to wear. I prefer to wear woven tops and buttons are a plus.  I like the loose sleeves with some coverage. I chose to print the cropped version because I need more shirts that pair nicely with separates.  This white cotton poplin I purchased in 2016. It's the perfect shirt fabric because it's not too transparent and presses well, topstitching looks crisp and I also like the mottled look of washed cotton before ironing too. I used medium/firm interfacing for the collar and a light/medium for the front facings. I would prefer a collar stand but it is fine for a casual shirt. I then added two dainty clear-white buttons.

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