Saturday, 28 January 2017

Surgiton Calanques - Landscapes

Took a photo of my friend standing on the right!
From Marseille, walk to Castellane and take the 21 Bus to Luminy (last stop). Walk through the National Park and follow the arrows, we walked to the top view point of Surgiton then around the  white limestone Puget Cliffs and hiked down to the calanque. The views of the mountains, greenery and water were spectacular. I wish we had time to see the other calanques too! 
 It was like the land before time.
View of Morgiou Calanque. Take the 22 bus to go there.
Flora and fauna
Small amount of hiking to get to this sitting area.
 I am sure the water will look more turquoise in summer. I couldn't quite capture it on camera.
 It was cold in this part as the cliffs shaded the sun.
Couldn't decide which calanque to visit but I was very happy with Surgiton! I would like to go to Cassis to see the Calanques En Vau, and see the Gorge Verdon which is accessible by bus 30 minutes from Marseille airport.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Bonn Shirt, Les Calanques

I loved wearing this shirt, it was the perfect (and comfortable) accompaniment to the best place I've ever visited in Europe! Surgiton Calanque. 
The top view was amazing!
 After hiking down to the Calanque. I could do with an extra invisible button at the bust line on this one.
This shirt has a mandarin collar and a beautiful relaxed fit. Cotton from a small shop in Nice, France (made in France).  I used tortoiseshell-marble buttons. The all-in-one shirt facing is interfaced with light interfacing. with the seam edge stitched and the shirt front understitched. I loved sewing this (one evening) and it has the perfect neckline for a pretty pendant. This is my second version. Size 4-C. You can't see the sleeve cuff detail to well with this print, they are folded twice, and then folded up from the front and topstitched close to the edge. I imagine this shirt looks great in any print because it has a simple and neat neckline. A Hawaiian shirt would be fun!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hepburn Turtleneck in Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence! It cost 16 Euros return from Marseille. I think Cassis would be better to visit personally as you can see the Calanques En Vau! I wore Hepburn-turtleneck-digital-sewing-pattern-pdf over a white vest. The fabric is very stretchy and drapey but it has excellent recovery - it just was rolled up in these photos.
 A little walk through the centre ville with Ratatouille!
 Towards Paul Cezanne's childhood home
View from on the hill, Le Terrain des Peintres
A new friend for Puppy!
Marseille train station

Marseille, France

I went to Marseille solely to hike at Les Calanques but we spent most of the time in Marseille city and in the end only saw Surgiton Calanques. I enjoyed the historical architecture though.

Palais Longchamps.

Ariel view.
 View from Notre Dame Le Guard.
Standing on Fort St Nicolas overlooking Fort St Jean and Vieux Port.
 Vieux Port