Friday, 8 January 2016

Oilcloth 'Handbag' Project

I picked up some oilcloth from the Cath Kidston shop for 1/2 price. Handbag project from the new Cath Kidston 'Sewing Book', which is really a small tote. I lined it in a linear floral chiffon (from a swap) which I overlocked with a tiny zigzag & trimmed. I sewed to the outer rather than attaching as a seam and reversing because of the different weights of fabric. I tacked the fold-over and bag handles to the bag with fabric glue before sewing which definitely helped and avoided pin punctures.
The other side.  I love this bag, which is just as well! I broke 4 standard needles (adjusted the pressure, stitch lengths, tried not to pull too quickly) and 1 leather needle. The surface sticks to the machine so I had to sew slowly, I see that tissue paper works for this but once I changed to the leather needle it was ok. I love the practicality of oilcloth.
Citrine earrings I made from twp broken-up necklaces and a sanding tool.
Oxford - Hinksey. 

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