Friday, 15 May 2015

Bellini Blouse Capital Chic

Now that summer is here I like wearing novelty prints again. 
Boats in Oxford.
I bought 2m which came to under £7 incl postage (it uses under 1.5 metres). I measured and marked the buttonhole with a pink dressmaker pencil, then tused the one step button hole system on the machine (tension 0, length 5, stitch 0.5) I tested this on the same fabric (x2 layers + interfacing) first to check the thread wouldn't bobble in one place. Because of the starchy fabric and the fusible interfacing (I used medium), this shirt has a lovely weight to it. I also overlocked with a narrow bluezizag. My next shirt will use the presser foot for a machine rolled hem + the button taping trick mentioned! I don't normally read instructions but the sew-along was a joy, making the construction smooth sailing ! Top horizontal and the rest vertical buttons:-


  1. This fabric is so cute Renata! And beautifully sewn as well. Love it!

  2. Your blouse is really lovely and I love the boat print

    1. Thank you Sandra. It's one of my favourite shorts and my favourite pattern so far! Can't go wrong with nautical prints either :D