Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Plitvice Tshirt - Itch to Stitch

Plitvice - Itch to Stitch - Lightweight viscose jersey fabric with 75% stretch and a suitable drape.
My favourite feature of this top is of course the light gathering which forms a delicate feminine drape. The sleeve cuffs and bottom band also look very polished, the sleeve bands are marked with the front and back notches - Itch to Stitch patterns pay attention to fine detail and fit on real bodies.
I also enjoyed wearing this vibrant raspberry pink shade, especially in the summer. Wearing it with my Onyx owl from Sstutter, I kept the busy peacock feather print simple with a raspberry and cream colour palette. 
Also styled it with a pink-blue-white bunting necklace by Tatty Devine. All of the photos came out well in this gorgeous sunshine. Background is a walk from Oxford to Kings Lock via Port Meadow.
I love this top as it is both glamorous and bohemian. You can sew up a nicely fitted top with the comfort of a tshirt in one morning or afternoon. Plitvice - Itch to Stitch  

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