Sunday, 10 June 2018

V Neck! Nottingham Tshirt

Itch to Stitch Nottingham
I planned right away to make a V neck Nottingham as the drape and lower neck is perfect for hotter summer days and I like the way the point of the knot balances with the neckline. To do this, I cut out a V neck band from another pattern I've sewn before and traced the front piece onto my Nottingham front piece - matching the top of the shoulders. I sewed a size 6 grading to 4 waist and 8 hip.
I was undecided about keeping this fabric as the softness and colour reminded me of nude underwear (it is a warmer beige than the photos show). I decided to save it from my charityshop cull because it had the 75/100% stretch requirement. It turned out to be one of those 'blah' fabrics that sew up a dream! The beige/cream neutral creates a natural breathable tshirt. 

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