Saturday, 19 May 2018

Tatty Devine Sample Sale 2018

This year's sample sale was in Shoreditch. I didn't spend much money but I love everything I did buy, which I am conscientious of! I picked up and put down many amazing handmade pieces, some likely one offs, I regret not buying a statement piece and some jewellery with silver chain but I'm grateful (and also it gives others the chance to choose their favourites!). 
I bought two of the berry pendants as I can use the other one for earrings. Simple and elegant. As you can see I was feeling nature inspired!
 The dragon fly earrings are like a mock ivory, very pretty and will coordinate well. The bracelet is my favourite piece as I love the tortoishell chain, these are light to wear and don't tarnish. Tatty Devine is a great business run by women, it's one of the few brands I do wear. I have been selling off my jewellery collection over the weekends and replacing with careful pieces that are handmade and complement my clothes best.

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