Monday, 28 May 2018

Nottingham Tshirt - In Oxford!

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - The new pattern for May. I sewed this version during pattern testing and wore it on my bank holiday Monday to meet a friend. I needed some 'out and about / movement' photos and this friend was super sweet and took lots of snaps of my outfit, no "OK, you get one photo"! I made my bracelet using gunmetal chain and fimo beads. I also made one in blue.
Worn with the Tatty Devine Snowy Owl. I've lusted after the Tatty owls for a while and scooped up this statement snow owl on a 20% off sale.
 I adore the hippy free spirit of this top so much. I am considering sewing up other patterns with the sleeves as they highlight your elegant lower arms in a pretty way. The sleeves are joined at the top seam and the notches only - this rotated sleeve was a new technique to me. I doubt I will ever sew the plain sleeves with it as the flutter sleeves are awesome! The origami style knot was new to me too. The fabric gathers at a soft pool on the inner hip, no awkward front bump or unraveling of ties or knots pulled too tight. The twist is wrapped before sewing the side seams. The instructions were very helpful to suggest which sides to overlock/zigzag as this marked which to stitch together first, it was made even easier by choosing a fabric that is distinguishable from the right and wrong side (my fabric is white underneath). It looks fancy but it's simply wrap-over-wrap-under.  In addition to the sleeve template, you could trace the knot front hem onto add to any existing jersey tops to turn the style up a  notch. I sewed size 6 shoulder/bust, graded in at the waist and out at the hip. If you don't like a high neckline, balance it out with a long pendant or draft in a v neck or slash boatneck. The modest neckline with the sleeves reminded me of 1930s/1940s blouses.Fabric is Viscose Lycra from John Lewis (Spendlove Peacocks in blue, £12/metre). This print is slightly darker than my previous peacock print tshirt, I had to change thread colour.  Photos of the Nottingham Tshirt with a long pendant here.

I purchased this Sstutter stag Marble in April and here it is on an oufit already! I wanted a statement or long pendant to balance out the crew neck - I wore it on the extension chain.
Itch to Stitch Nottingham - A useful staple with gorgeous features!
We took the photos by Hinksey lake in Oxford, it is both green and industrial here - overlooking the railway. There are some great backgrounds in Oxfordshire. Photos of Sarah! It was fun taking portrait photos despite the lack of sunshine in the morning because she has tonnes of personality to make up for it! New camera is Nikon D3500.

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