Saturday, 14 April 2018

Sstutter Jewellery - Made in UK

I first discovered lasercut handmade jewellery in 2013 but only came across Sttutter on instagram recently when I started instagramming properly!  I love how handmade jewellery complements handmade clothing, even better if it has animals! It adds a fun accent to otherwise plain clothes.  Sstutter had a one off storewide sale for their Mystiks collection but I went for the owls. The pieces range from dainty to statement, pastels to urban, so there is something for everyone. I think the owls are distinctive but still conservative, especially in subtle colours, you can wear them for formal daytime just fine. I knew they would go with my recent 70s style sewing! 
The detail is gorgeous even down to the structure/movement and the quality boxes - I always keep my jewellery boxed with gel-sachets.  Stag: Marble. Owls: Marble; Aqua Kingdom - I chose this one because it is my favourite colour, calming , fresh and bright. Quick snaps at the water fountain near Buckingham Palace - aqua and kingdom!
Against spring flowers.
My first choice was the Marble brown/cream, also the colourway of the stag. I'll take some snaps of him next time I visit the deer parks in Richmond. Really pleased to discover a new brand! 
I wore the stag in Oxford!
 St James Park. Have you ever seen so many coots?

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