Sunday, 29 April 2018

Hvar Jacket in Bournemouth

I hadn't thought about blogging the same sewing project with a different outfit until recently, I want to be more sensible with my sewing and fussier when choosing new sewing patterns that 'work for me' and our busy lifestyles. I'd like to make the most of my projects with styling/accessorising, wearing it casual or formal. I took this Itch to Stitch jacket to Bournemouth as it's still cold and windy - we were planning on taking a boat trip and decided against it! I styled it with Tatty Devine La Luna earrings (these go with everything!) and the black and white Varvara Stepranova necklace by Miss J Designs. It's bold and confident, I don't wear dresses but I think it would lessen the 'frilly-ness' and add a bit of edge. I also ordered the Mary Poppins umbrella brooch, which will be interesting to style! I plan to wear it on a handmade jacket.
 Tatty Devine retro flower bracelet I picked up in their outlet sale. I love a 70's flower design! I added the necklace too:
*Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket - I planned to make my own and purchased a prince of wales tweed suiting which was too heavy for a Hvar jacket. When perusing a secondhand-new fabric sale I came across tweed suiting 6 metres for £16 (I used half) and brightly coloured viscose woven which was listed as jersey originally. I normally use a same-colour non static poly lining but viscose is really soft and breathable.  Buttons were 30p/each from my local fabric shop. I used these decoratively on the collar, collar hem and sleeve hem. I hadn't planned on using buttons but it seems right for this fabric. This jacket only cost me £15 to make and it can be dressed up or down. Beige version here*

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