Saturday, 1 April 2017

Denim Arielle Skirt

Tilly & The Button Arielle PDF £9.50
 I washed the fabric twice and put it in the drier to make it softer. I used a jeans needle and 23mm brown buttons, which are on the right as worn side as I ignored the cutting layout which has you put the front pieces on the wrong-side-up of the fabric. I left off the interfacing and instead cut the waist facings with the vertical grain with less-stretch. I also understitched all the edges and then topstitched the waist which worked well with the denim. Photos at Port Meadow, Oxford.
The buttonholes were a pain as my machine wouldn't sew them so I used a zizag stitch. I sewed the skirt in one night!  This is size 4, I took 8cm off the length of the pencil skirt. I hemmed it at 2cm and it covers my knees.
Puppy insisted on dining on the table.


  1. The buttons are pretty & copper goes well with denim. I thought they were pennies at first!

    1. Thankyou! I like brown and navy together, softer look than black


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