Thursday, 23 February 2017

StyleArc Julie Pant - Bengaline

I purchased four trouser patterns during black Friday from style arc. I have two pairs of chino pants that fit nicely but I wanted some black trousers.

I've had the bengaline since last year and I sewed these up within one evening. I love them! The fabric definitely helps with the fit and they are so comfortable. The waistband is interfaced with stretch interfacing and then a facing in the same bengaline. It feels structured and not scratchy to wear, I cycled in these trousers and it kept the wind off.

I sewed a size 12, 40 hip, and found it accurate on me at 5 ft 4, I hemmed the trouser at 2cm (raw edge thin zigzagged), topstitched at 1.5cm. I think there should be more room for the zip, I had to attach it at 1cm - all the seams are 1cm, but for attaching the facing to the top waistband (0.6mm). They are a smart slim straight leg.  The waistband sits flat and secure, very flattering. The front and back do look similar so be sure to mark after cutting!
 I love how the changing seasons provide different backgrounds!
I wanted a simple denim jacket black trousers outfit so cut a negligee which I couldn't wear, too revealing, to an under-vest camisole (for layering only!). I wore it with a Chinese closinee vintage necklace and brown boots so the black wouldn't be lost in photos!
I couldn't see any reviews of this pattern, so I am impressed they fit comfortably straight from the pattern, but I would like to learn trousers fitting for a smartly tailored fit. This sewing project made me excited to make more trousers, even if you are pear shaped and just stick to black and navy, there are some sophisticated designs to make the sewing interesting! I'll be sewing this pattern again in a different colour!


  1. What a great fit you have achieved with these trousers! They look really good on you. I can see you making these in many different fabrics (colours and patterns).

  2. OOoh, the trousers are super! You are clever!x

  3. These look great! I genuinely didn't even notice the whiskers (something I get with trousers too.)


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