Friday, 27 January 2017

Bonn Shirt, Les Calanques

I loved wearing this shirt, it was the perfect (and comfortable) accompaniment to the best place I've ever visited in Europe! Surgiton Calanque. 
The top view was amazing!
 After hiking down to the Calanque. I could do with an extra invisible button at the bust line on this one.
For the next Itch to Stitch Bonn I will choose long sleeve and a flowing white fabric. I loved the fit of my polyester cream s/s version and the cotton version is still nicely shaped. The cotton is ideal for warm days or trekking! Blouse patterns are my favourite for a tried and tested as you don't have the fitting issues that come with store-bought shirts such as tight arms or bust and there's something special in the handstitching finishing touch. I imagine this shirt looks great in any print because it has a simple and neat neckline. A Hawaiian shirt would be fun!
This shirt has a mandarin collar and a beautiful relaxed fit. Cotton from a small shop in Nice, France (made in France).  I used tortoiseshell-marble buttons. The all-in-one shirt facing is interfaced with light interfacing. with the seam edge stitched and the shirt front understitched. I loved sewing this (one evening) and it has the perfect neckline for a pretty pendant. This is my second version. Size 4-C. You can't see the sleeve cuff detail to well with this print, they are folded twice, and then folded up from the front and topstitched close to the edge. I learnt in 2015 not to sew poplin raglan tops anymore, but shirts are fine!

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