Saturday, 1 October 2016

Jewellery RF

 Bracelet made from a necklace (also amrita singh outlet). I fasten it before the O loop as I have small wrists. I have worn this lots; since I store my jewellery with freshner sachets it keeps shiny. Wore it in Nice, France with a pink chino skirt.
For the necklace I used the large blue earring drop pendant. I added links from a bracelet, jump rings from belcher chain, belcher chain, green drops from a different necklace, and a silver heart pendant to finish off the clasp extension. 3 unloved pieces now easy to wear (lighter on the ears) and I feel the design is better suited to me - subtle, and also my favourite colour combination - blue of the sea and green of landscapes. I also prefer silver chain.

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  1. Love your necklaces, really clever re-workings. Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you liked the Dottie Angel frock, K. x