Sunday, 6 March 2016

Fallon's Day in London AR

Piccadilly Circus! I went with a new friend from the Save the Deer Campaign from one event to the other. Everyone wanted to hug Fallon!

 My favourite leaflet was the environmental one as it is bright and informative without footage photos (kid friendly). We all have to live on the planet whether we like animals or not and the health aspect is not as pressing to me. The 'Protect the Planet' leaflets are in pdf form on Animal Aid Resources
Before Piccadilly, we went to Kingston for the Stop the Deer Cull (use alternatives) in the Richmond / Royal Parks. Wearing my jacket to keep warm, which then attracted some polite signatures! She drank water in my baby bowl from 1985 and she looked like ET on a bike, or maybe a yellow Slimer!

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