Friday, 9 October 2015

Purse for Essential Oils & Pumpkin Festival

I bought my friend a thank you gift and he wanted a beard/skin softening oil. The brand is Oliver & Jenkinson  based in Manchester.  To Make the Purse  - I cut around the oils for the front piece with the inkpot as my focus, then I folded to make sure the edges were symetrical. I left vertical space for a flap on the next position of fabric and finished the raised top curved. I had the perfect canvas fabric with calligraphy pots, the neutral tones also matched. I watched a tutorial on how to make a cushion with piping, which I plan to make from this fabric too.
I lined it in green taffeta. I would understitch next time. I sewed the lining first, then the canvas, then and added a tiny zigzag to all edges. Then I sewed it to the lid and reversed for an invisible edge, making sure the raw edges of the fabrics touch. I folded, pinned and sewed the last edge. I used navy thread and a black 2cm button.
Oxford Christ Church
'Darling' blouse pearl drop (London brand). 
Pumpkin Festival, Berkshire.
Mapledurham farm and estate.
Down a dirtpath adorned with blackberries, crab apples and sloeberries to Whitchurch, 2 1/2 mile Long Lane....
 The gardens are at Harwick Estate.... GMO free zone. I had a green juice as the vegan pumpkin tart had sold out (quite right!)
 Buttercup Squash! Event hosted by Tolhurt Organic.
Jack-be-little Squash

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