Thursday, 16 July 2015

1972! Seersucker Gingham Shirt

Shirt made from unwanted trousers (my mum's), I had to cut the back in two panels.I cut the size 34 Simplicity 5022 1972 blouse pattern but cut the seams slimmer and folded over the front instead of cutting interfacing. I didn't have enough fabric for a collar. I sewed on 11 buttons using interfacing wrapped over the panel then torn off after sewing, this is because the fabric is raised so won't move for the one-step button hole. Flat felled shoulder seams.
Worn on a bikeride past cornfields to Mapledurham House
 Blood orange marmalade, Mapledurham watermill


  1. Just read your monthly stitch post! You look good in your new shirt - shame on the person who made that extremely rude and totally erroneous comment about the look on you. I never have success with those older patterns for some reason, so it is good to see how great this has made up!

    1. The first paper pattern I sewed was really difficult, facings that didn't fit, very oversized! I am glad I started with an indie pattern (pdf) that fit well! I love the history of these vintage patterns but also glad for the vintage reproductions too so we have an an idea what the cut will be like :D


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