Friday, 29 May 2015

Bicycle Shirt Made in England!

It's been a year since I purchased fashion on the highstreet. I've wanted this shirt since I saw it last month with Sarah and I thought I'd give myself some good karma with all the refashions I've completed! I love it! The staff are adorable too.  This is a box shirt so no sleeves and with a relaxed fit, but the XS looked best on me as I didn't want to show too much armpit! I also preferred this shirt which has yellow bikes and a fine yellow pinstripe to the white version.
The shirt was £39.99 from Fresh in Oxford. It is made in England.
Cakes in covered market / Carfax Tower.


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  1. i LOVE this blouse - I managed to get some of this fabric from Ditto last year and the dress I made with it is by far one of my favourite makes..ever! I hadn't seen the Eucalyptus stuff until later but it's such a lovely print.


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